Posted by Bob Buck on Dec 22, 2021
HARC welcomed Jason Larson from St Clare Health Mission and Josh Mansee, President of After Hours Rotary Club as speakers this morning. They were here to update the club on the current status of the Rotary on the Go project. Rotary on the Go is a collaborative effort by 10 of the local Rotary clubs to expand St Clare's health services by providing them with a mobile clinic. St Clare Health Mission utilizes volunteers to provide health care to the working poor, homeless, immigrants and uninsured. Basically, the population that has fallen through the cracks. They operate a free clinic on Ferry Street in La Crosse but not everyone who needs care can get there. With local Rotary donations, community participation, international partners and the magic of matching funds, the clubs were able to raise the $240K needed to purchase a rolling clinic with 2 exam rooms and all the amenities to provide remote care. The clinic is being constructed and is estimated to be ready come May 2022. The plan is to utilize the clinic in remote areas of Trempealeau, Monroe, Vernon and Houston County. This expanded avenue of care provides future opportunities for Rotary involvement as the project will require drivers, durable medical equipment, interpreters and medical professionals. And there will be continued operating costs to keep it rolling. The clubs that are involved are Holmen Area Rotary Club, Rotary Club of Caledonia, La Crescent Rotary Club, Rotary Club of La Crosse-After Hours, Rotary Club of La Crosse - Valley View, Onalaska Hilltopper Rotary Club, Rotary Club of La Crosse East, Rotary Club of La Crosse Downtown, Sparta Rotary and Rotary Club of Onalaska. Thanks Josh and Jason