Posted by Bob Buck on Aug 19, 2019
The August 17th Holmen Kornfest Parade was a blast. HARC busted out the spinning wheel float sporting new paint (thanks Scott and Kathy!) and banners. There had to be a few thousand people lining the parade route. A couple of bushels of candy were handed out to the kids. (couldn't throw it this year sad ). This slowed down the walkers that then had to do a Kornfest 1.5K fun run to get back to the float and restock. The kids were like piranha - give one piece out and you were swarmed by others wanting some too. And you didn't want to disappoint any. Along the route hairy faced folk were accosted with Battle of the Beards information for HARCs upcoming beard fest November 30th.
Info on the Holmen Community Garden was passed out to get people interested in coming out. Best time too, as the harvest is peaking. At the end of the parade route both the candy and the parade walkers were totally exhausted. A really fun event, with smiles and laughs all around.