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  • Backyard Country Bar-B-Que and Evening Bonfire (for up to six adults, eight if the price is right)
    • Come enjoy a warm summer evening by the fire with some of the most tender baby back ribs you will ever taste – seared, and slow cooked for up to 3 hours, guaranteed to fall off the bone and redefine “finger licking good”.  Appetizers, a special “Calico Bean” side dish with other great backyard bar-b-que fixings await you.  After dinner, you will take your beer and wine selections to the outdoors and sit around a fire pit and enjoy a fireside dessert watching the stars and listening to the sounds of “mother nature” – all the while, enjoying the serenity of being in the country.  Your cold beer and campfire wine are of the bottomless type….  For those needing rides home or to be picked up, private coach will be provided so you can participate without concern for driving home. Malin-Bodine
    • Car beat up after a winter of slush and snow? A Holmen Rotarian will wash, polish and wax your car, SUV, van, or pick-up (no semi’s please), clean the tires and wheels, wash the windows,  vacuum up the Cheetos from between the seats and clean and treat the leather/vinyl.  All using high quality MOTHERS California Gold wash, clay, polish, wax, tire/wheel cleaner, upholstery solutions and equipment. The winner gets to go home with a clean car and any of the remaining MOTHERS products. Bob Buck
    • For 6-8 people. All of the recipes were brought back from  our four trips to set- up and evaluate the Holmen Area Rotary Club’s water project in Peru.
      ~Chicha Morada- a refreshing drink made from purple corn
      ~Cuasa -Limena tuna salad and vegetables rolled in potato patties
      ~ Ceviche- white fish marinated in lime juice
      ~Choclo con queso- Large kernel corn with fresh cheese
      ~Papa la Haucaina- potato and egg in spicy cheese sauce
      ~Aji de Gallina- shredded chicken in cheesy garlic sauce
      ~Anticuchos- marinated and grilled beef kabobs
      ~Yucca- fried root vegetable
      ~Arroz con leche-Light dessert with rice, milk, raisins and cinnamon
      ~Pisco sour-grape based liquor mixture, the national drink
      Your hosts will prepare and serve all of these items for you and your guests. Wine and other drink choices will also be available. –Nancy & Dean McHugh
    • A Holmen Rotarian will take care of mowing your lawn in the La Crosse, Holmen or Onalaska area for three consecutive months this summer. You decide on the months and leave it up to Scott. Maximum yard size 1 acre. (Service includes lawn equipment, fuel and labor.) Scott Ryan
    • Whiskey and Cigars!!! How much better can it get? A few of us got together and asked what would make the best guys weekend ever? After excluding all illegal or immoral ideas, we were left with two things: really good whiskey and really good cigars. The winner of this item will receive premium whiskey from 3 different countries, a selection fine medium bodied cigars and accessories. Designed to be shared with a few really good friends, although you might just want to hole up and enjoy it all yourself!  - Adam Fleis, Art and Vicki Lyons
  • Gourmet Cakes
    • One of many delectable gourmet cakes can be yours, if the price is right. These are way more better than your mama’s and not the usual ‘cake walk’ fare. Can’t decide on which one? Maybe you want to buy two! Plates and forks are included so eat it here or take it home to enjoy! Judy McHugh
      • Red Velvet Cake - Deep red layers of mild chocolate cake filled with rows of sweet and tangy cream cheese/buttercream icing and topped with white chocolate curls. A classic.
      • Almond Raspberry Cake - A delightful almond flavored cake with raspberry filling and a creamy buttercream frosting.  Topped with fresh, sweet raspberries, raspberry drizzle & toasted, sliced almonds.  My personal favorite!
      • Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake - Extra rich and irresistible chocolate cake with layers of fudgy chocolate filling & topped with an abundance of sweet and salty peanut butter buttercream.  The chocolate drizzle & chopped Reese’s completes the perfect cake!
      • Lemon Poppyseed Cake - A delicious lemony cake with blueberry/raspberry filling, buttercream frosting and topped with fresh blueberries, raspberries & a lemon drizzle.  Yum! Looks like spring!
      • Chocolate  Strawberry Cake - Dark chocolate cake, chocolate mousse filling and chocolate fudge frosting topped with fresh strawberries and a luscious chocolate drizzle!
  • Massage of the Month
    • Treat yourself to a monthly massage and snuggle up in an artist's handmade quilt! Kelsey Lyons of All is Well Massage and Seminars will provide you with a 60 minutes massage each month for a year! @alliswellmassageseminars (Facebook). Quilt provided by Michelle Henderson of Bad Cat Digital (Digital Marketing/Strategy Services) Value $1000 by Vicki Lyons
  • Lake Front Getaway
    • Use of Luxurious lake front summer home. More info coming. - Jim Gross
  • Meals on 4 Wheels
    • Who would you like to insure is getting a good meal each month?
      • Your Parents your Brother your Neighbor your Lover!
        We have 4-wheels and even a plow, we will get it there, some way some how. 
        It will be home cooked, maybe even hot. We’ll make sure it’s enough, no, it will be a lot. 
        Comfort food or carbs, fresh fruit or bars.
        We’ll make sure it fits your needs, because we aim to please. 
        Chris and Lisa Butler will prepare and deliver one meal a month to the person of your choosing -within La Crosse County.
        We will work out the details of when, where and for who, after you purchase.
  • Desserts of the Month
    • Winner will get two desserts/month for a year.  - Scott Marshall
  • Chili Badger Dinner
    • Award winning Chili Chef Eric Davidson will provide the chili and fixins for your next Badger Game Night Party. 
  • Steak Dinner
    • Meat. 'nuf said? - Barry Ploessl
  • Baskets and Bucket Auction!
    • Insta-pot Basket
    • Bloody Mary Basket
    • Wisconsin Cheese and Chocolate Basket
    • Essential Oils Basket
    • Italian Basket
    • Wine Basket
    • Badger Basket
    • Pet Pamper Basket
    • Martini Basket
    • Classic Fishing Rod
    • Custom Jewelry
    • Giant Jenga
    • Homemade Pies (these are awesomely good)
    • 3 Hours of Family History Research
    • Floral Arrangements
    • Unique Friendship Bracelets
And more!
items are still being added before the big day!